Answer: Yes, there will be signages provided. Also, you can contact helpdesk if you are unable to navigate around.
Answer: You will not require your phone storage to participate in the conference unless you need to download any video/brochure/or any event details.
Answer: You will require a min speed of 3mbps – 4mbps in order to enjoy uninterrupted sessions. In case you face network issues you can login again to the same link.
Answer: You will be taken directly to the sessions happening at the moment of login.
Answer: Maximum questions will be answered
Answer: You can raise your questions in the chat box and the moderator will put it across to the speaker.
Answer: No, it will not be available.
Answer: Yes, the sessions will be recorded.
Answer: There is no registration cost attached for the event.
Answer: Yes, you can login either from Mobile or tablet. For a better virtual experience we suggest you to login through laptop or tablet and use google chrome as browser.
Answer: You can contact the technical support for any of your queries.
Answer: Unfortunately, NO!
Answer: Yes, be assured 100% of your data to be protected.
Answer: The event agenda will be displayed in the lobby.
Answer: Yes, the speaker’s profile will be displayed in the microsite
Answer: Complete speaker details will be displayed in the microsite
Answer: You can attend the sessions with your video muted.
Answer: How long will the event data be available?
Answer: No, this feature is unavailable.All questions will be asked Via Chat
Answer: You can only access the event only by Laptop/computer for a better view.
Answer: Yes, every attendee will have access to all the sessions.
Answer: No, it is highly confidential
Answer: Yes, the URL will support both chrome and Firefox
Answer: Yes, there will be guideline options.
Answer: Attendees using desktop press F11 for full screen view of the conference. Attendees using laptop press Fn+F11 key for full screen view of the conference.